Monthly Archives: October 2016

Private Residence

This two-story house, built entirely of real wood with no synthetics used inside or out, sits on a 3,700 sq. ft footprint, accompanied by a pool and outdoor kitchen. For this project, we built a road and cleared virgin land in the south hills, and also helped the owner work through complicated subdividing and permitting procedures. Connor Homes, of Middlebury, Vermont, provided plugged White Oak flooring, coffered ceilings, and two wood burning fireplaces.

Moses BMW

Moses BMW in St. Albans West Virginia is the only BMW dealership in the state. To keep up with updated facilities requirements from BMW International, Moses BMW was required to add on to the existing showroom space as well as renovate the existing service space. Bastian & Harris Architects led the design effort and received approval from the BMW design team before construction began. The entire showroom space was demolished and a 500 square foot addition was added to make room for the new requirement of 8 cars in the showroom.

The build back included all new interiors with painted drywall, ceramic tile, new ceilings, and lights. The parts department and the service center were completed after the showroom. The service center now features 11,000 square feet of ceramic tile flooring, another BMW requirement. The entire facility achieved compliance from BMW International shortly after completion.

West Virginia State University Dickerson Stadium Entrance

Dickerson Stadium, at West Virginia State University, required a new pedestrian entry gate. This new entrance is steel and masonry construction with EPDM roofing and EIFS exterior. Two enclosed spaces function as ticket sales offices, complete with transaction windows. An aluminum gate and removable bollards secure the entrance when not in use. Flat paving consists of concrete with inlaid brick pavers. We rebuilt the existing exterior electrical service to feed both the building and the electronic scoreboard on the field, and comply with all codes and regulations.

South Charleston Firestation #1

The South Charleston Fire Station #1 was completed in June of 2016 and funded by the citizens of South Charleston. This 12,000 square foot facility houses three shifts of firemen ready to respond to any area of the town in minutes. The facility features private living quarters for 10, a full kitchen, laundry, showers, a 30 foot tall training shaft, an office suite for the Chief and staff, and an apparatus bay with parking for 6 emergency vehicles. Williamson Shriver Architects led the design effort on this unique structure, which is composed primarily of concrete, steel, and masonry block. Exterior aesthetic features include a curved metal roof, ACM paneling, and a glass “eyebrow” over the garage bay. “Rain garden” features designed by the Terradon Corporation collect runoff water on both sides.